The Financial Prophet Newsletter:
    Issue: The US & Global Financial Crisis

  Vol 8 #61

Who Predicted the Financial Crisis

Following the News of Financial Prophets Who Predicted the Financial Crisis

In this series we will follow the news, predictions and statements of the experts who predicted the economic and financial crisis. What did they predict then and what are they predicting now?
 In this issue, we will follow the statements of Med Yones, from the International Institute of Management. Yones is the world renowned expert who predicted the financial crisis in June 2006 in a policy white paper, titled “US economy risks and strategies 2007-2017”.  In Jan 2007, through a series of press releases and media statements, he challenged the US Presidents' State of the Union Address, the Federal Reserve Chairman, and the top economists at that time. In an interview with Reuters on March, 2007 he warned about the subprime mortgage, financial bankruptcies, and the loss of confidence in the US economy. In September of 2008 all of his predictions came true.
When is the bottom of the decline, when is the recovery, how long will it take, how will it look? These are some of the questions that we will try to find answers for.

Financial Prophet Who Predicted the Financial Crisis Says US Policies Risk Collapse of the Economy

Looking at the big picture, the real production economy is getting worse. The same mindset of high risk borrowing and over-extended leverage that led to the financial system collapse will risk the collapse of the US economy and its currency. With high rise of national debt, it is only a matter of time before the global investors will lose trust in US currency, treasuries, and bonds

Financial Prophet Predicts Financial Recovery and Crisis

The US economy faces 3 options. Option 1: Allow a painful, sharp, but quick correction cycle. Option 2: Moderate the decline and suffer from several decades of stagflation with intermittent periods of modest decline and growth in dollar amounts; however the real economic growth will be negative due to the decline in the dollar valuation and inflation. Option 3: Is to invest in innovation, export and growth industries.

Financial Prophet Says there is away out of the crisis

The only way out of this crisis is through the emergency of a new legitimate industry, such as alternative energy, nanotechnology or biotech, which will generate enough tax revenues to pay the debt and attract more capital. The auto industry led the recovery after World War II; the IT industry led the recovery from the Seventies’ financial crisis. Unfortunately the government is doing too little in that area

Financial Guru Sees Recovery in 2010
Financial guru sees recovery in 2010

Financial Oracles Forecasts Decline bottom in 2009
Financial oracle sees the bottom of real estate decline in 2009

Financial Experts News

Financial expert forecast recovery of residential real estate decline in 2011

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