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Who Predicted the Economic Crisis

Following the News of Economic Prophets Who Predicted the Economic Crisis

The economic crisis hit the US in September of 2008 with the collapse of Lehman Brothers, followed by an economic crisis driven by a series of bankruptcies and layoffs in the real estate, insurance, auto manufacturing, and other industries. The signs of the financial trouble began to unveil a few months before September 2008. However some experts saw the signs years ahead of the crisis. They warned the government and the public about the crisis in their writings and press releases. Unfortunately the top economists and US policy makers chose to ignore these warnings. The following is a list of what these experts predicted and what they are predicting now. In this series we will focus on Med Yones, the president of International Institute of Management - A US based strategy think tank and education institute.

Med Yones Warning Reuters Interview - March 2007
Warning about the US Real Estate Bubble, Subprime Mortgage, Loan Defaults, Bankruptcies, and Loss of Confidence in the US Economy

Policy White Paper: US Economic Risks 2007-2017
Challenging the US President's State of the Union Address (Jan 2007), Federal Reserve Chairman and top economists. The US Economy is heading to a major crisis.

Economic Prophet Who Predicted the Economic Crisis Says Economic Decline is Slowing Down
Official numbers show that the economic decline is slowing down and consumer confidence is increasing.

Experts Who Predicted the Economic Crisis says Recovery 2010/2011 for different industries

Most analysts tend to underestimate or overestimate the growth and decline cycles. Our analysis indicates that 2009 will have mixed results for different industries, the hardest hits will be in the financial, real estate, auto, retail, construction, furniture, airlines, advertising, and disposable income industries (tourism, gaming, hospitality, and travel). The relatively unaffected or growth industries are the export industries, food, alternative energy, education, new technologies, and healthcare. The general economic decline cycle will bottom in 2009 and we could see stability sometime late 2009 or early 2010, then we will be back to modest recovery in late 2010 or early 2011. However, the real estate, construction and financial industries will bottom in 2010, the recovery could start in 2011

Economic Prophet Who Predicted the Economic Crisis Says US unlikely to suffer from a similar crisis to the one we saw in Argentina

Our data shows that the real production economy is getting worse. The same mindset of borrowing and spending more than we can afford, that led to financial system collapse will risk the collapse of the US economy. Global investors may not want to bail us this time. The other alternative to the sharp decline is to suffer from several decades of stagflation with intermittent periods of declines and growths. However the real economic growth will be negative due to the decline in the dollar value and inflation. It is not unlikely for the US to suffer from a similar crisis to the one we saw in Argentina 10 years ago or the one unfolding now in Latvia.

Economic Guru Sees Recovery in 2010
Economic guru sees recovery in 2010

Economic Oracles News
Economic oracle sees the bottom of real estate decline in 2009

Economic Experts News

Economic expert forecast recovery of residential real estate decline in 2011

Economic Prophet Who Predicted the Economic Crisis Says The only way out of this crisis is through the emergency of a new industry

The only way out of this crisis is through the emergency of a new legitimate industry, such as alternative energy, nanotechnology or biotech, which will generate enough tax revenues to pay the debt and attract more capital. The auto industry led the recovery after World War II; the IT industry led the recovery from the Seventies’ financial crisis. Unfortunately the government is doing too little in that area

Economic Prophet Who Predicted the Economic Crisis Says The U.S. economy got here due high debt and low production

The U.S. economy got here due to spending money we do not have and not producing enough to pay back the credit. It’s like luxury-living on credit cards, at some point the lenders want their money back. Not to forget that in a new open global economy, the U.S. does not have a competitive monopoly on knowledge, technology, manufacturing, or marketing anymore. Therefore, the growth rate of US production (cars, airplanes, electronics, IT …) is not keeping up with the growth rate of the debt

Economic Prophet Who Predicted the Economic Crisis Says A deeper look into the economy reveals that the painted rosy picture is based on selective facts instead of a neutral assessment of all relevant numbers and economic trends

Credit Card Nation - Should the Government Get Credit Counseling?
The U.S. Government paid $406 billion in interest last year, $61 billion on Education, $56 billion on Transportation.

Economic Prophet Warns of Economic Crisis

U.S. Government does not commit to reducing federal budget deficits, at some point in time foreign banks could panic and rush to dump their dollars to be the first out of a sinking currency, thus making the economic crisis far worse and recovery more difficult. China has already signaled its intention to decouple the currencies, which will lead to the loss of trillions of dollars in U.S. Treasury value. In order to minimize that loss, the Chinese will have to sell off some of their U.S. holdings. The real danger is how much and how fast China will do so. If they decide to do it quickly, they will prompt huge panic by other lending countries. Investors will have to copy China moves, resulting in a disaster to the dollar value, interest rate, stock market, homeowners and the U.S. economy as a whole.

The Economic Expert News Update: - Economic Crisis & Recovery Predictions

They also argue for strict oversight of any recovery plan, oversight is critical to the success of the implementation of any stimulus program, “The effective and efficient program execution is necessary to avoid waste, fraud, and the abuse of loopholes to divert these funds to special interest programs. If the objective of President-elect Obama is to lead the economic recovery through the middle class, the job creation initiative through small business and innovation development, would be hitting 3 birds with one stone (sustainable job creation, middle class support, and increasing US businesses competitiveness through innovation development

The Economic Guru Newsletter: Issue Economic Crisis & Recovery Forecast

Obama’s fiscal stimulus package, bailout and other economic policies can soften the fall, but are unlikely to reverse it anytime soon. We expect to see the bottom fall out around late 2009 or early 2010

The Economic Oracle Newsletter: Economic Crisis & Recovery Outlook

In the next few years, American tax payers and national and global investors will have to pay the price either by raising their taxes, defaulting on national debt, declining US dollar value and/or a hyperinflation tax. European, Latin and Asian economies that follow similar US policies and do not decouple from the dollar will suffer the same fate

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